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Save a moment

People have always dreamed of traveling through time. To see the future, visit the past.
Keeping a moment in the photos, you can always to return to a great past

Photographer Elena Batkova


Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo

Options Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

Wedding - one of the most important events in our lives. Beautiful photos will help you keep this celebration for years to come!

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Family Photo

Family Photo

Family, Kids photography, Waiting baby

Family - the most precious thing that we have throughout life. Keep the highlights of life of your family in the photo, and you can always go back to the past. Smiling to say that life was not for nothing.

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Online Lessons

Online Lessons

Education artistic retouching. Remotely through the program skype

For those who are interested in my style retouch, I will reveal all my secrets in the online lesson! Individual approach, live time. Programs Ps, Lr.

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Workshops in Russia and Ukraine


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Series is not simply photo. Series - is a small life story embodying love,
joy and happiness in every shot.

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